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Евро/иена: Y162.00

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20.02.08 12:18  |  Commerzbank рекомендует покупать евро/доллар на спадах 20.02.08 12:36  |  Фунт/доллар. Фундаментальные уровни
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12:24  alruza: Kapusta
Татьяна! Я тебе ответил! Посмотри почту
на 40 минут у меня не будет и-нета
12:30  Jerry: pristjogivaute remni, vosmosno.. silno pokolbasit:)
12:30  joker: О жилье)..возможно сегодня увидем цыфру в 950-995 К (ниже прогнозов) самый слабый показатель с января 1991..Причина что было разрешений больше чем построено, а такхже холодная зима северо-запада и отсутсвие спроса..и думаю с последними месяцами будет полный пипец..имхо..

Саня, привет!
12:32  крупье:
BoE MPC voted 8-1 to cut rates to 5.25 pct, Blanchflower wanted half point cut
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:30:00 AM

LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Bank of England rate setters voted 8-1 to cut rates a quarter point to 5.25 pct on February 7th, with arch-dove David Blanchflower calling for a more drastic half point reduction in borrowing costs.

The majority of Monetary Policy Committee members said that in order to balance the risk of an economic slowdown against the prospect of rising inflation, an immediate quarter point rate cut was needed.

The eight, including governor Mervyn King, said interest rates were still bearing down on demand 'partly because higher market spreads meant that the level of Bank Rate consistent with any given monetary stance was lower than it had been been before spreads had widened'.

But they added that the central projection in the February Inflation Report, published last week, showed the economy would still have spare capacity even if rates fell as the market expects.

'That would therefore help to ensure that inflation returned to the 2 pct target in the medium term,' they said.

But Blanchflower said a quarter point cut was insufficient to stave off the prospect of a sharp economic slowdown, and noted that UK economic data particularly in the labour market was beginning to mirror what the US experienced six months earlier.

'More weight should be placed on the risk of a very sharp slowdown in UK growth,' he said.

Though he signed off on the Inflation Report projections that CPI inflation will rise as high as 3 pct in the coming months, Blanchflower said subdued wage pressures and spare capacity meant a short-term rise in pricing pressures shouldn't carry through to the medium-term.

Blanchflower said a 'larger, precautionary reduction in Bank rate was warranted, bringing forward cuts already built into the yield curve'.

At present, sterling markets reckon the b
12:33  крупье: At present, sterling markets reckon the base rate could fall to 4.50 pct by the end of the year even though the annual CPI inflation rate could rise to the letter-writing territory of above 3.0 pct in the coming months on higher energy bills. CPI currently stands at 2.2 pct.

The committee said that higher energy and food prices are set to raise inflation, 'possibly quite sharply' in the coming months. They warned that while these were short-term pressures, there is a risk that high near-term CPI inflation will influence inflation expectations, 'and hence have some tendency to persist in the medium term'.

One of the main reasons why the committee expects CPI inflation to fall is the deterioration in economic growth prospects.

They noted that output growth abroad had deteriorated as the disruption in global financial markets continued, making it 'most likely' that UK growth would 'slow gradually' with the risks judged to be on the downside.

The financial market turmoil is one reason why growth prospects have diminished around the world, and this had spread to international equity markets causing money-market spreads to swell again.

'In the face of continuing uncertainty about the scale and distribution of write-downs by banks relating to subprime mortgage assets, and the further complications arising from ratings downgrades for some of the major non-bank financial guarantors, it seemed likely that conditions in credit markets would remain difficult for some time to come,' they said.

The MPC also said the lower pound was likely to boost net exports, promoting a rebalancing of total demand.
12:34  Jerry: po funtu dannu figovii no stoto, dvisenija nevizu
13:33  krokodil52: вяао

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